Sports injuries

Sports injuries are a very frequent source of pain to anyone of any age. While sport injuries often need to be addressed by doctors, they also lead to pain as a result of muscles that tighten around the area of injury, or even in other parts of the body. For example: Someone that injures their hip joint from falling down while running can also have severe pain in the low back from tight muscles that were forced to absorb the impact of the fall, leading to chronic pain the low back that can go on for months or years even after the hip has healed. Sports injuries are a very common source of tears in muscles and tendons, leading to pain and poor performance that can last for years after the accident occurs. Other factors such as poor posture, stress and lack of sleep can slow down recovery from the injury. 

Treatment of Sports Injuries

While sport injuries must be seriously addressed by a doctor, the secondary chronic pain from the injury is almost always the result of muscles that tighten to protect the body. Joint pain and limitation from muscle, cartilage and tendon tears in areas such as the shoulders and knees are almost always the result of tight muscles.  This same theory applies to herniation of discs. Using techniques such as trigger point and deep pressure muscular therapy Ynon Lerner is able to effectively alleviate the pain and discomfort caused by sport injuries.