Pain Resulting from Inflammation

Chronic inflammation is a very frequent source of pain to anyone of any age. While chronic inflammation often needs to be addressed by doctors and may require physical therapy or medication, it is most often caused by tension in the muscles that surround the area of inflammation. This is because tension in muscles leads to poor blood supply to the region, with the muscles becoming tighter and tighter and leading increasing levels of pain over time, creating tremendous strain in the area. This causes the body to react by initiating the inflation process to try to heal itself, leading to more pain and inflammation that can last for years. Other factors such as poor posture, stress and lack of sleep can slow down recovery from inflammation. 

Treatment of Inflammation

While inflammation must be seriously addressed by a doctor, the secondary chronic pain from the inflammation is almost always the result of muscles that tighten to protect the body. Joint pain and limitation from muscle, cartilage and tendon tears in areas such as the shoulders and knees are almost always the result of tight muscles.  This same theory applies to disc herniation and ruptures. Using techniques such as trigger point and Benjamin System Muscular Therapy Ynon Lerner is able to effectively alleviate the pain and discomfort caused by inflammation.