About Ynon Lerner

Ynon Lerner is an osteopath, and has been treating a variety of patients and ailments since 2006. He is also a Nationally Certified Muscular Therapist and graduate of the Muscular Therapy Institute located in Watertown, Massachusetts. Ynon recieved his diploma in osteopathy from the renowned Wingate Institute located in Natanya, Israel. Using osteopathy, one of the leading techniques in alleviating the effects of injury and disease on the body, Ynon also incorporates into his work a blend of Trigger Point Therapy, Dry Needling, and Active Release Technique. While practicing his art in the United States, Ynon was recognized and licensed by the Board of Health in Massachusetts. Ynon currently resides and practices in Tel-Aviv, Israel.

Harvard University

     Working for years as a Muscular Therapist at Harvard University in Cambridge, MA., Ynon has treated countless of Harvard’s students, faculty, staff and atheletes, including the Harvard University Boston Marathon Club. 

Philosophy of Bodywork

     "My approach to treatment is essentially the philosophy of osteopathy, with the addition of many years of work experience. When a problem arises, many forms of therapy focus only on treating its symptoms. The body however, is a complex and delicate single unit, that is comprised of many smaller units and systems that must function together as a whole. When one of these units or systems begins to dysfunction, it may cause symptoms in another part of the body. And so, a pain felt in the knee may be rooted in the hip, a headache may be referred pain radiating from an injury in the neck, or a digestive problem may be caused by a dysfunction within the spine."


     "My method is different in that I view the body in an all-inclusive, three -dimensional fashion. I focus on investigating and identifying the root cause of the symptoms, thereby treating the problem at its source, allowing for optimal health and pain free living for my patients."