Injuries of the Spine

Spinal disc herniations are a very frequent source of discomfort for a surprisingly large part of the population, and can happen even in younger ages. Most commonly disc problems occur in the neck and low back, as these are the most unstable regions of the spine. Disc herniation and rupture is usually accompanied by limited range of movement, pain that refers into the extremities and even loss of sleep due to extreme levels of pain. Poor posture, accidents, and sport injuries and are the most common sources of disc herniation and rupture.


Treating Pain from Spinal Injuries 

While disc rupture and herniation is a legitimate injury that must be seriously addressed by a doctor, the actual pain caused by this injury is almost always the result of muscles that tighten around the part of the spine that is injured and not from the spinal disc itself. This tightening of the muscles is a result of the body’s own mechanisms for dealing with the injury. Using techniques such as trigger point and massage therapy Ynon Lerner is able to effectively lessen the pain and lowered range of movement caused by injuries to the spinal discs.